About Us

It was a lifelong dream to have a small-town style retail shop. For this reason, I have always been attracted to jobs that have an abundance of customer interaction. I was a successful Customer Service Manager for over 15 years at several fortune 500 companies, but I had yet to jump that final hurdle of owning my own shop. I investigated many ideas and talked myself out of them for one reason or another. Then one day, I was out on my motorcycle with my wife and realized, I should combine my passion and my expertise. My love for riding and my customer-focused personality seems like a great pair. With that in mind, I looked at several places to open a Motorcycle repair shop with a friend that was a mechanic. The overhead and initial expense made it impractical since I was nowhere near a mechanic, and it would take two of us wrenching full time to make ends meet. About a year later, a different friend (Dann) was involved in a low-speed motorcycle accident where a simple helmet could have saved his life. That’s when I realized what kind of shop I wanted - AFFORDABLE Motorcycle Safety Gear. I am not trying to preach helmet use, but I want anyone that would like to wear protective riding gear to be able to afford it and look good doing it! (RIP Dann, you helped save me in many ways!)