DM908 Women's Denim Longer Body ¾ Vest - Side Laces

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When you buy a vest to wear while you bike, you want it to offer the right amount of protection -- but not at the expense of style. This women's longer-body 3/4 denim biker vest checks all the boxes. It includes an open neck and side laces as well as a single back panel, which you can accessorize with patches, club logos or embroidery.

The vest has two outside pockets and two on the inside for you to carry a concealed weapon. Our pockets include built-in holsters and snap closures to keep your gun snug against your body. The reinforced shoulder support system is especially effective for carrying concealed.

Our vest features heavy-duty zippers and excellent-quality denim material. Order yours today, and you can receive free shipping on qualifying orders. We also offer an easy return and exchange policy.