Bonanza Helmet Liner

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Restore that fresh out of the box feeling with a new liner and cheek pads. One interior comfort liner and two cheek pads are included with each kit, and installation is easy.

Technical Details

  • Hook and loop liner fastening
  • Brushed fleece Lycra absorbs and perspiration
  • Diamond stitch detailing
  • Cheek pads installs using button snaps
  • This liner kit only works with Bonanza helmets that have the comfort liner held in with Velcro. If yours is super old and glued in, it's time for a new lid! 
Care and Maintenance

Never throw your helmet's liner and cheek pads in the washer or dryer. Instead, carefully remove the pieces and hand wash them in the sink with mild soapy water. Let them air dry 24 hours before reinstalling them to avoid dampness or mildew.