Gringo S Gen 2 Shield with Pinlock ProtecTINT Lens

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This Gringo S shield and Pinlock®’s lens insert combine rugged materials and advanced optic technologies to improve vision in a wide range of riding conditions. In sunshine, Pinlock’s ProtecTINT™ lens changes to light smoke in seconds to dramatically reduce glare. ProtecTINT returns to clear in nighttime and low-light situations. In wet weather and high humidity, Pinlock’s patented Dry Hydrophilic lens technology absorbs and holds moisture so you can see virtually fog-free.

Technical Details

  • Pinlock lens features Dry Hydrophilic moisture absorbing technology for fog-free vision
  • Sun-reactive ProtecTINT technology adjusts from clear to light smoke for perfect vision in all conditions
  • Pinlock lens is pre-installed on highly scratch- and impact-resistant molded polycarbonate Lane Splitter shield
  • Biltwell Gen 2 hinge hardware included for fast, easy installation  
Care and Maintenance 

Do not use standard household cleaners (bleach, ammonia, Windex, etc.) or petroleum-based chemicals to clean any part of the Biltwell shield or the Pinlock lens. Doing so will destroy the anti-fog and photochromic properties of the sun reactive lens assembly. Mild soapy water and a lint-free microfiber towel is sufficient to clean the inside and outside surfaces of the shield/ProtecTINT lens assembly. Learn how to install a Biltwell Gen 2 shield onto your Biltwell helmet here, and how to install a Pinlock lens here.